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Crochet Baby Blanket – free crochet pattern

Crochet Baby BlanketI have never crocheted anything larger than security blankets and stuffed animald. However when I was pregnant with my youngest son, I felt like crocheting a blanket for him. I wanted it simple and still with fine details. Here is the pattern for the baby blanket I made:

It is not allowed to sell the pattern. However, it is allowed to sell finished crocheted products, as long as you always refer to www.rikkelyngholm.com  and/or @rikkelyngholm

I have used a Danish yarn brand “Hjertegarn Lana Cotton 212” (50% wool, 50% cotton). 50 grams is 212 meters
Light grey (color 435): 265 grams
Blue (color 6970): 20 grams
Dark grey (color 403): 100 grams

Crochet hook
Size 3.50 mm

Abbreviations (English/British)
Ch = chain
Sc = single crochet
Dc = Double crochet

1. Begin at the 4. chain from the hook; 5 dc
2. *2 dc together* x2
3. 4 dc
4. *2 dc in the same* x2
5. 4 dc
Repeat bullet 2-5 until you have 5 chains left
6. 4 dc, 2 dc in  the same
7. 3 ch and turn
The last row before changing to “bobles” end with 1 ch (instead of 3 ch) and turn

1. *1 sc, 2 dc* in the same chain
2. Skip 2 chains
3. *1 sc, 2 dc* in the same chain
4. Skip 2 chains
Repeat bullet 1-4 until you have 2 chains left
5. 1 sc in the last 2 chains
6. 1 ch and turn
The last row before changing to “zigzag” end with 3 ch (instead of 1 ch) and turn

Crochet Baby Blanket

The blanket measures 70 x 100 cm. If you want the blanket to be narrower than 70 cm, just start with fewer chains in the first row. It is important that the number of chains can be divided with 14 and then you add 3 extra chains (to make the first double crochet).

1. 185 ch (light grey)
2-7. Zigzag (light grey)
8-11. Bobless (blue)
12-17. Zigzag (light grey)
18-25. Bobles (dark grey)
26-31. Zigzag (light grey)
32-39. Bobles (light grey)
40-45. Zigzag (light grey)
46-53. Bobles (dark grey)
54-65. Zigzag (light grey)
66-73. Bobles (dark grey)
74-85. Zigzag (light grey)
86-93. Bobles (dark grey)
94-99. Zigzag (light grey)
100-107. Bobles (light grey)
108-113. Zigzag (light grey)
114-121. Bobles (dark grey)
122-127. Zigzag (light grey)
128-131. Bobles (blue)
132-137. Zigzag (light grey)

Crocheted Baby Blanketfree Crochet pattern Baby Blanketfree Crochet Baby Blanket

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